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Panorama lamp rundum – an event

The swiveling panoramic lamp »rundum PANORAMA« with its changeable lampshade transparencies brings new perspectives to private living- and public rooms. The variable photographic images underline the individual taste of the panoramic lamp's owner in a decorative manner. The rundum PANORAMA lamp develops and changes with the taste of its owner.

The rundum PANORAMA lamp is constructed as a high quality table lamp with translucent shade and changeable panoramic images. Its design is consciously reduced and retains the view on the substantial. The lamp’s base is manufactured by IM Keramik & Form and is poured out of fine porcelain. The height is half a metre. It is only available as white biscuit porcelain. Experience the Shockwave 3D simulation here

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Photography by
Panoramalampe "rundum"